Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome to "Legally Speaking"

I am very honored to be associated with one of the energy industry's finest publications, Oil and Gas Financial Journal. The purpose of this forum is to bring you up to date on current legal and compliance matters and, more importantly, solicit your input on issues facing the energy community.

Legal issues are nothing new to an industry as heavily regulated as ours. They are part of the constantly shifting global environment in which we operate.

What makes 2011 any different?

The answer is in the scope and complexity of the legal environment and the speed with which it is changing. From post-Macondo BOEM regulations to the landmark Pre-Salt legislation in Brazil, and beyond, 2011 brings fresh challenges and opportunities on a scale and at a speed that would make anyone's head spin.

Here at "Legally Speaking" my goal is to stop some of the spinning and give you a practical, direct point of view on legal and compliance matters affecting you.

Your experiences and perspectives are invaluable. Please contribute by giving me your comments. Who knows, you might even get a few tidbits of knowledge without having to pay legal fees!

I look forward to our conversation. -Aaron Ball

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